Biden Pares Back Policy Goals in Search of a Deal

Mr. Biden has suggested areas to cut or pare back in the legislation, which carries a price tag of about $2 trillion, an amount that has been trimmed from a projected $3.5 trillion. Long known as a moderate, Mr. Biden has embraced more liberal policies in recent years but remains roughly in the ideological center of the Democratic Party, which has itself moved to the left. He has sought consensus in the recent meetings, going around the room and asking lawmakers to describe their priorities, according to people familiar with the exchanges. Behind the scenes, Mr. Biden told lawmakers Tuesday that Mr. Manchin’s opposition to a clean energy program, a key part of the bill’s climate change provisions, meant it would need to be scrapped. And he noted that Ms. Sinema had opposed raising tax rates on the wealthy and corporations, something he disclosed during the televised town hall.

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