Bank Street modular apartments developer was once named one of New York’s ‘10 worst landlords’

It turns out, according to numerous national news stories published in 2018, including in The Washington Post and Newsweek, Rubler is friends with Donald Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner, who once intervened to keep some negative stories about Rubler’s company out of Kushner’s newspaper, The New York Observer. One of them was about Rubler being named one of New York’s 10 worst landlords. The harassment of tenants described by Cuomo, the Village Voice said, exacerbated the shortage of affordable housing at the time. The company claims the cheaper construction means savings can be passed on to tenants. But there is nothing in writing guaranteeing the apartments in the proposed Bank Street tower would be less than market rate. Rubler refused to answer any questions about whether he has an ownership in 174 LLC or is leasing the property or plans to buy it.

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