As some towns resist further warehouse construction, builders and developers attempt to be good neighbors

Warehouse builders and municipal officials eager for economic development said many of the companies behind these gigantic developments work to be good neighbors, altering plans to address concerns and even making changes after opening. Adam Winstanley, principal of the busy real estate development firm, said it is standard practice to minimize impacts to neighbors and adjust to concerns whenever feasible. Warehouse developers are facing increasing resistance, particularly in towns north of Hartford that have been the focus of intense development in recent years. South Windsor, in early April, adopted a one-year moratorium on logistics development to craft regulations granting locals more control. The warehouse moratorium came on the heels of a year-long pause on housing development South Windsor adopted in April. “Both moratoriums have really turned the spigot off in terms of economic development in our community,” Maniscalco said. “I’m seeing a lot of developers and potential businesses that are a bit trigger shy.”

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