Apartment developers, homebuilders feel global supply chain pains, but ‘good’ projects still move forward

COVID-related production slowdowns and snarls in the global supply chain have delayed building projects, added costs and increased risk. There is disagreement among some Connecticut residential developers — both apartment and single-family homebuilders — as to the impact on project volume. Santini said developers who have launched projects are finishing them. But he expects some will hold off on new ventures, waiting to see if supply chain problems ease in 2022. The number of permits issued for single-family houses in Connecticut has continued a steady rise over the past three years, according to estimates by the U.S. Census Bureau. However, permits for multifamily developments in Connecticut fell sharply year-over-year, according to Census data. Michael Freimuth, executive director of the Capital Region Development Authority, said he’s seen no hint of slacking interest in multifamily development in Hartford, even as supply chain difficulties have brought challenges.


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