After outreach to hundreds who call Danbury a ‘victim of its own success,’ leaders outline master plan

The outreach to 1,500 Danbury residents in January about transportation, education, economic development and quality of life is the latest step in a two-year process by city leaders to write a master plan for the next decade. The solution, Gomes said, was to come up with a master plan that not only lays out specific recommendations to invest in the city’s future and protect its quality of life, but also to project the vision that Danbury wants by improving connections and communications. With a clear vision of the city Danbury wants to be, leaders said vitality might return to the downtown, which has languished for decades in the shadow of its glory a generation ago. The city’s vision that will guide its constituent services and its land use decisions for the next decade is expected to take shape in the spring and summer. The task force plans to put the findings of the last year into a document that will be reviewed and presented for adoption at a public hearing in November.

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