ABC announces new campaign to fight PLA legislation

Proponents of PLAs, such as the AFL-CIO trade union, argue that PLAs protect taxpayers by eliminating costly delays due to labor conflicts or shortages of skilled workers, because unions can quickly supply the labor needed. The group also claims that PLAs help improve the terms and conditions of employment for all craft workers — union and nonunion. “We can build back better with renewable energy and create union jobs at the same time,” said Frank Callahan, president of MBTC, in a statement. As part of its American Jobs Plan, President Joe Biden’s administration has proposed using PLAs on federally funded infrastructure jobs. Biden has also voiced support for the pro-union Protect the Right to Organize (PRO Act) and has called himself a friend of unions. But ABC, as well as the Associated General Contractors of America, both of which are funded by construction employers, have voiced strong opposition to the PRO Act and PLAs.

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