A week before referendum, residents still have questions about boosting Farmington High School construction budget

With a small turnout and divided opinions at the town meeting Monday night, there was no clear signal of how Farmington will vote at next week’s referendum on budgeting another $9.4 million for the new high school. Either way, it became clear in October that Farmington cannot replace its high school for $135.6 million, the figure that was forecast in early 2021. Instead, building the 239,000-square-foot school will cost nearly $6 million more. The town is asking voters on Dec. 8 to appropriate another $9.7 million for the project. The new money wouldn’t come from Farmington’s budget. The state awarded an unexpected $14 million in additional aid since the 2021 referendum. Project planners said the October construction bids will lock in the price of actually building the 239,000-square-foot school. Buying furniture, equipment, and plumbing and electrical fixtures will be done later, but there’s a contingency to cover cost increases for that, they said.


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