A new train station is coming to Windsor Locks. Here’s why the project is called one-of-a-kind.

The goal is to create jobs and enhance travel in the Hartford region, as well as across New England. To accomplish that, a new train station will be built in Windsor Locks, with an expectation that it will be completed in 2025. Along with the new train station, there will be a roadway safety and track improvement project. Connecticut State Building Trades Council Executive Director Joseph P. Toner said that the project is one-of-a-kind for the council, the state Department of Correction and the Department of Transportation, when it comes to the jobs component. “This … is a pilot program that we have … What we’re doing in the building trades with our partners is we’re going in and identifying folks that are incarcerated that are pre-release and available to be released within six months to a year,” Toner said. “At that time, the plan was before COVID. But we have a cohort going on right now…We go in with our instructors and we teach 120 hours of construction related courses to the folks that are incarcerated.”


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