A decade after Sandy, Bridgeport flooding project over budget and delayed

What began as a $64 million total vision is, at the 90 percent design stage, going to instead cost another $30 million. And as of this week it was unclear where those additional dollars, a figure that until now had not been made public, will come from or when ground will be broken. The most recent goal had been this winter. Resilient Bridgeport is being planned by the state’s housing department, with help from Connecticut’s departments of transportation and energy/environmental protection. City Councilman Scott Burns, a budget committee co-chairman, said he has been concerned about the lack of progress. Told Friday about the $30 million issue and asked whether the city could help foot that bill, Burns said, “We don’t have $30 million of capital lying around. (And) I wouldn’t be inclined to say we should go bond (borrow) for all that.” Hanks disputed the allegation that there has been poor communication. And she also sought to address any skeptics who believe Resilient Bridgeport is a failure and will never get finished.


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