$36 million more needed to build new Norwalk High, officials say

The estimated cost of the total project is $225 million. However, the state reduced the city’s initial request and approved $189 million for the project at a reimbursement rate of 80 percent in 2020. The board approved the city’s recommendation to move forward with design “option B” for the new high school, which would construct the building on the existing football field. The Common Council’s Land Use and Building Management committee will discuss the recommendation next before moving it to the full council. Since the estimated cost already exceeds $189 million, the city would not be eligible for the 50 percent reimbursement rate for the pool that the state also approved in 2020. The city slightly tweaked the “option B” design to accommodate a request by neighbors on King Street to eliminate a bus entrance on the street. An unpaved egress from King Street may be needed for emergency vehicles, but Lo told the board it would likely be gated and locked to not allow regular through traffic.


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