$30M Bradley Airport hangar project aims to capitalize on increased corporate jet use, despite business travel’s slow recovery

Kevin Dillon, executive director of the Connecticut Airport Authority (CAA), said 2023 was a year of continued recovery for air travel in general, and at the state’s largest hub, Bradley International Airport. “We ​captured ​back ​a ​lot ​of ​our ​pre-pandemic ​traffic,” he said. ​“But ​if ​you ​look ​at ​where ​we’re ​at ​right ​now, ​on ​any ​given ​day ​we’re ​still ​about ​5% ​to ​7% ​​below ​where ​we ​were ​pre-pandemic, and ​a ​good ​portion ​of ​that ​is ​related ​to ​this ​business ​travel component.” Overall passenger traffic at Bradley Airport, from January 2023 through November 2023, was up 8.1% from 2022, but 7% behind pre-pandemic 2019, according to CAA data.Private jet use had seen a steady rise in the decade before the pandemic. In the last three years, that increase has been more dramatic. By some accounts, overall private jet use in the U.S. has increased by 20% over 2019 levels. Gollan said more company executives began to realize the convenience of private aviation during the pandemic.


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