2 Wilton developments refine plans for hundreds of apartments on Route 7

As both AMS Acquisitions and Fuller Development refine their plans, they are approaching the final approval stage, promising a future with more housing options in Wilton. The projects are among a handful of developments proposed or underway in the area that would add hundreds of apartments. At 64 Danbury Road, Fuller Development, LLC, is proposing the construction of 93 apartments near Wilton Corporate Park. The project consists of eight, three-story colonial buildings and a 2,683-square-foot amenity building, along with various recreational facilities. While the developers wait on the commission to approve their waiver, Fuller Development is also anticipating the completion of a peer review of the wetland report. The Planning and Zoning Commission will convene for another public hearing on April 30 to assess whether AMS has addressed the safety concerns raised by the police department and to review progress made by Fuller Development.


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